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This course covers the outcomes required in installing and configuring desktop and workstation computer systems. It consists of competencies to assemble computer hardware, install operating system and drivers for peripherals/devices, and install application software as well as to conduct testing and documentation.





This course cover the outcomes required in setting-up  computers networks for LANs and small-office home- office (SOHO) systems. It consists of competencies to  install network cables, set network configuration, set router/Wi-Fi/ wireless access point/repeater configuration.







This course the knowledge, skills, and attitudes   needed to set-up computer servers for LANs and SOHO   systems. It consists of competencies to set-up user   access and configures network services as well as to perform testing, documentation, and pre-deployment procedures.






This course covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to maintain and service computer systems and networks.


Welcome to the first module for COMPUTER SYSTEMS SERVICING NC II. This is a basic course for you to perform basic PC operation. this also includes knowledge of specific applications and devices, productivity software suites that can add value to your resume.

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This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the students to Lead workplace communication, lead small teams, develop and practice negotiation skills, solve workplace problem related to work activities, use mathematical concepts and techniques, use relevant technologies,  maintain an effective relationship with clients/customers, manage own performance,  apply quality standards,  perform computer operations. It include  core competencies such as; Journalize transactions, Post transactions ,Prepare trial balance, Prepare financial reports, and Review internal control system.   

This course is designed to develop & enhance the knowledge, skills, & attitudes of a Visual Graphic Design Provider in accordance with industry standards. It covers the basic & common competencies in addition to the core competencies such as to develop designs for logo, develop designs  for  print media, develop designs for user interface and user experience as well as develop designs for product packaging and booth & product window display.

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